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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

बापूंच्या (अनिरुध्दसिंह) घरी होत असलेला श्री दत्तयाग - २

जच पूर्णाहुती देऊन दत्तयागाची सांगता झाली. घरचे सर्वच जण दत्तयागाच्या नंतरच्या आरतीला हजर राहतात. बापूंच्या (अनिरुध्दसिंह) घरच्या गणपतीला ज्या आरती घेतल्या जातात, त्यातील निवडक आरती ह्या वेळेस होतात.

English Version:
The Dattayaag culminated today with the offering of the poornahuti. All in the family are present during the aarti that follows the poornahuti. The aarti sung at this time are a select few of those sung during the Ganpati festival celebrated at Bapu's home every year.  


preeti potnis said...

SHREERAM...and thank you Dada...for this latest update about Dattayaag at Happy Home...we are truly blessed to have this Blog...which provides us wyth all the latest and minute information on our "Sadguru".....taking us more closer to HIM.....Shreeram

CURRENT said...

Hari om Dada,
wonderful experience to watch 'Dattayag Aarti at Bapu's Home'.
Shreeram Dada for sharing this video.

sangitaveera vartak