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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Aarti of Mothiaai - Mahishasurmardini by Bapu

Hari Om Dear Friends,

The Maha Aarti just got over now. I have no words to describe the atmosphere that built up during the aarti. Watching Bapu dance while his mother's glories were being sung was a joy to behold. I have rush down to make sure everyone gets darshan and prasad. Will send a detailed note on the Maha Aarti sometime later.


paragsinh said...

Shree Ram dada, its jst the one more example of bapu grace. me presently on ship and really thinking abt the same and missing the mothi aai aarti as i was there last year...its jst...
"Tumhi koni kuthe hi aasa , Tumchya itambhuk garjanchya kabara mah (ANIRUDDHA) Nirantara lagti"
fact vichar dokyat yenyachi vel aani ti to purn kartoch ! yes he knows every thing abt us each moment of our life. shree ram for all. hari om

Subhash S. Chitre. said...

Hari Om ! Sameer dada,

Thank you very much, for so very promptly sending this video about 'Aarti of Mothiaai - Mahishasurmardini by Bapu.'

We were extremely delighted to see Nanda Aai, P.P. Bapu, Suchit Dada, along with shraddhavans present, fully immersed in singing aarati, and also to see P.P. Bapu and Nanada aai dancing while doing the aarati. Indeed, this was an unforgettable view !

All your regular updates so far, from Bappa's arrival till this Maha aarati have made our lives highly enriched with love and devotion in our hearts!

Thank you again !

Subhash Chitre.

Anup said...

Hari Om, :)

Very very sweet !!! :)


Sunil Bhavsar said...

This is awesome Dada! Hari Om! Such a blessing that we can see it all from anywhere!

ritu chavan said...

Very True Dada ; Such moments could just be written in GOLDEN words only.

verdict said...

Shreeram for prompt sharing! Watching our God performing arti of his beloved Mother Chandika was an out-of-the-world experience! Shreeram once again for sharing it with all of us within minutes of the arti despite your choc-o-block schedule!

Rajendra Redekar said...

shree ram dada we all family watch this mahaarti once again shreeram

Rajendra Redekar said...

shreeram dadA