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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Anant Chaturdashi - Focus on Aniruddha's Academy of Disaster Management

Hari Om Dear Friends,
I am sure most of you would have either participated, or watched the deferred telecast on the In-Mumbai channel, or seen the video post on my blog. Let me tell you that this year’s procession was by far the biggest that we have had in all these years. The participation in the procession was significantly more this year. It is to the credit of the DMVs of Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management (AADM) that they had the situation in control at all times, despite the serious challenges that were posed to them by the huge gathering. They were able to successfully divert the traffic.

Talking of AADM, I am very happy to inform you that even Wikipedia has recognized the role played by AADM and have approved the post of a note on AADM on their site. (Please click here to view that article).
With the Punarmilap of our Bapu’s Ganapati Bappa, for us the focus has shifted to Anant Chaturdashi on which day thousands of our DMVs will be manning several key points where immersions are slated to take place, helping the police and municipal authorities in controlling crowds and regulating them effectively. It is a matter of great pride for us that our DMVs have earned unqualified praise from police and municipal authorities alike for the most effective manner in which they have helped in regulating the massive crowds on the last day of the immersion.

On the day following Anant Chaturdashi, our volunteers will be busy in the early hours of the morning cleaning up the beaches and helping in the re-immersion of idols that have been washed ashore. These idols are generally made from Plaster-of-Paris.

This brings me to the topic of eco-friendly Ganapatis. It is indeed a matter of great pride for all of us that the Government of Goa, based on a presentation made by our Goa Upasana Centre sevaks on the benefits of eco-friendly Ganapatis, wants us to pursue our Eco Friendly Ganesh project in Goa in a big way.


Gaurav said...

Wow Dada Gr8 New ......
Going gr8 by Bapu's Blessings :)


Priyamwadaveera said...

Hari OM.

It is indeed very pleasure to read about the presence of AADM on the most-accessible Wikepedia.com
Its a boon as given to all of us by our dearmost Bappa.
With this pat on our backs, we will walk ahead on the path as laid by HIM.
Shri Ram.

Bhushan said...

Dada very Gr8 news!!!! Shriram for sharing .

Adityasinh Sawant said...

Hari Om Dada in one of ur previous post there was video of P.P Bapu stating that AADM is the practical praatykshik of Ghotkastodharan stotra.And as Bapu says he does the same .All our Dmvs participate in this devotional service with Bapus view of disaster management.In the AADM parade foundation day Bapu said that Children always remember that HE is also a disaster management volunteer and saves his children from various small disasters in day to day life and he does it volunteerly 24*7.Really Dada Bapus view towards the safety of the society and people is really great that also through the path of devotion.BHAKTI AND SEVA.

Rajeshsinh Chavan said...

Hari Om Dada,

Beautiful write up on AADM. Dada, it is your continuos efforts, of course under Param Pujya Bapu's guidance, to encourage and promote AADM in all the ways. We get to know many things and we get all together different and futuristic vision when ever we meet you. We all DMVs are learning from you and trying to implement it in whatever small ways we can in our life. The recognition to AADM is nothing but the result of your guidance and Param Pujya Bapu's selfless love. We are really very fortunate that Param Pujya Bapu has given us a chance to be part of AADM and be on HIS divine path of Maryada Marg.

Nandan Bhalwankar said...

हरी ॐ दादा,

विकीपिडिया सारख्या information web sitesite वर आपले AADM चे article वाचून खूप बरे वाटले, शिवाय गोवा सरकारने आपला ’इको फ्रेंडली गणपती’ project गोव्यात राबविण्याचे ठरविले, हे ऐकून खूप आनंद झाला. श्रीराम !!

Umesh Patil said...

Hari Om,

Really nice to see Wikipedia.com had recognized AADM.
Really Proud to be a Bapu's Follower and a Disaster Management Volunteer.

Jai Aniruddha,

Umeshsinh Patil

Sunil Bhavsar said...

This is wonderful news Dada!

www.komaljavle.com said...

Hari om , Indeed our DMV's are doing great job. In huge swarm of people when one spots the DMV's with the yellow caps on, one feels that some one from his own family is around to guide him safely through his journey for the Ganpati Punarmilap.
What a pride it is to have the presence of AADM on the world's largely used website of Wikipedia.
Shree ram our param pujya Bapu is great.

Suneeta Karande said...

HARI OM DADA. It is a great honour for Aniruddha's ADM to make its presence on the world's largely used website of Wikipedia.
Under Param Poojya BAPU's divine foresight and your valuable guidance AADM has achieved this success. While doing AADM Seva on Ganpati Punarmilap yesterday at Juhu Vileparle ,Mumbai Police asked for support at some spots suddenly and irrespective of shortage of manpower, it was managed successfully with Bapu's blessings and encouragement and guidance of Mr. Sudhirsinh Potdar . Really we are very fortunate that SAKSHAT PARAMTTRAYI has given us this opportunity , which made us part of HIS vanarsena in the form of DMV. Shreeram.

subharaman said...

Hari Om. Truly said Dada. It was one of the most challenging years as the crowds were unprecedented as there were successive holidays and no rains. Powai Lake crowd management was also challenging as I got an opportunity in Powai this time. I know about Chowpathy and I know how challenging it is. DMV's did a great job. Got tired to the bone and felt pleased. Sunday was a good rest day. Hari OM

maneeshaveera sukthankar said...

Hari Om Dada,
With Time the importance of Devotional Services being implemented under the Auspices of Param Pujya Bapu is getting realized.
Its a great news that the role of AADM has been recognized by Wikipedia on their site. Shree Ram !!!
The wide spectrum of AADM and its role during disasters is now known to and appreciated by various Government Bodies and Organizations as seen by the assistance extended by DMVs at such times. During sevas like on the day of Anant Chaturdashi also a DMV is always seen playing his role with discipline,alertness, politeness and assisting the Police and Municipal authorities. At times the alertness of Dmvs has seen to avert any untoward incidences at such places.
Shree Ram for the Eco-friendly Ganesh Murti Goa center team for its hard work.
परम पूज्य बापूंच प्रत्येक कार्यात चिंतन आणि तुमचं मार्गदर्शन, प्रोत्साहन , कार्य करण्याची उचित दिशा आणि बघण्याची दृष्टी दिल्यामुळेच प्रत्येक कार्याला आकार आणि वेग मिळतो. मगच उचित असं कार्य घडून त्याची दखल घेतली जातेच. Shree Ram.

Subashsinh Paul said...

Hari Om Dada
Its a unique experience on my part to attend the Poonarmilap Procession of Ganapati Bappa led by PP Bapu.I consider myself very fortunate to be part of this disciplined huge procession.
Hari Om.

Umesh Shirodkar said...

Hari Om Dada

Shri Ram for such an large scale activity on the Anantchaturthi day by all our DMV's.
Our ecofriendly Ganesh Murthi Project is really gaining wide acceptance now.

sachin sasane said...

Hari Om DADA,

Its really a very good cause all blessings from our dearest bapu shriram

Girish Karulkar said...

Hari om Samirdada. It definately a substance of proud that AADM is a part of global recognition after been acknowledged by Wikipedia. Shree Raam !!!

Ajitsinh Patil said...

हरी ॐ दादा,
गणेशोत्सव हा सण आला कि प्रत्येक डी एम व्ही सेवेसाठी सज्ज होतो. घरच्या गणपती मूर्तींची विसर्जन सेवा, अनंत चतुर्थदशीची गणपती मूर्ती विसर्जन सेवा आणि पुनर्विसर्जन सेवा. बापूंकडे येण्याआधी गणपती आला की गर्दी आणि रेटा रेटी मधून गणपती बघायला जायचो, पण अनिरुद्धाज्‌ अकॅडमी ऑफ डिजास्टर मॅनेजमेंट (AADM) चा बेसिक कोर्स झाला आणि आता सेवेसाठी कॉल येतो आणि सारे DMV's सेवेसाठी हजर होतात. पण पूर्वीच्या मजे पेक्षा ही मजा खूपच वेगळी आहे. साईसच्चरिताच्या पहिल्या अध्यायात एक ओवी आपल्या वाचनात येते,
"साईच गजानन गणपती । घेवूनी परशु हाती"
आणि ह्याच भावाने बापूचा प्रत्येक वानरसैनिक ह्या सेवांमध्ये सहभागी होत असतो.
बापू आपल्याला नेहमी सांगत असतात, "बाळांनो तुम्ही माझ्या खिडक्या आहात, तुम्ही जसे वागता त्यावरून तुमचा बापू कसा असेल ह्याचा लोक अंदाज बांधतात आणि ह्याची प्रचिती सेवेदरम्यान नेहमी येत असते." गर्दीतून थकून भागून आलेले सर्वसामान्य लोक, इतर सेवेकारीच्या तुलने मध्ये बापू भक्त DMV's च्या प्रेमळ आणि शिस्तबद्ध वागण्याने सर्वांचे लक्ष वेधले जाते आणि मोठया प्रेमाने बरेच लोक ह्या पिवळ्या टोपीतील DMV's ला "हरी ॐ बापू" अशी हाक देवून जातात.
एका पोलिस कर्मचार्‍याने दिलेली प्रतिक्रिया - "तुम्हा लोकांमध्ये एवढी एनर्जी येते कुठून ? तेव्हा आमच्यातील एक DMV बोलून गेला, "बापूच आम्हाला एवढी एनर्जी देतात." यावर तो पोलिस कर्मचारी बोलला, "खरच, बापूच्या दर्शनाला आले पाहिजे."
खरच दादा, आम्हाला AADM सेवा करायला खूपच मजा येते, श्री राम.
"सेवा करबे वो बडभागी, चरम कृपाळू बापू अनुरागी"

- Ajitsinh Patil


Hari om Dada, During Punarmilap Seva at Girgaon, we met some police officers who had loudly appreciated seva done by DMVs. They were very surprised to note that the DMVs who reported for seva at 2.30 pm were working continuously till 7.00 am in the morning. There were also some Veera DMVs who had come for nightshift & were standing performing seva till morning. This is poosible only because of HIS grace & love. I often surprise.. we become very uneasy in train even if we are required to stand for 15-20 minutes & we start looking for atleat a 4th seat. But when we perform AADM seva, we can stand for 15 hours too. What can one say about this. It is just because of the strength given by him. It also an expereince " Tumhi Jor Maru laga, Mi Dudhachi Vati Gheun Ubhach Ahe".