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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Day 2 of National Homoeopathy Seminar Attended by Bapu

On second day of the National Homoeopathy Seminar organizers again requested Bapu to speak and he humbly accepted the request. Dr. Vikas Badhe was also invited to speak during which he narrated his personal experience of Bapu. A Group Discussion was also organized where Bapu even participated as a student. 


amitsalvi007 said...

Shree Ram Dada, Truly you bring us so close to Bapu

Maneeshaveera Sukthankar said...

Hari Om Dada,
Its interesting to note that as a Doctor, Param Pujya Bapu’s Dedication towards His medical profession. It was a great joy to see Him attending to the National Seminar on Homeopathy. With the thoughts he must have shared and his speech, the students and delegates just seem to be impressed and must have gained new dimensions to their knowledge.
Looking at Bapu only as a Doctor, He is seen revealing the importance of every branch of medicine be it Allopathy, Ayurved or Homeopathy to be effectively applied whenever needed.