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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

10 Years to THE DAY

Hari Om Dear Friends,

It is exactly 10 years to the day when Bapu delivered his historic speech on the 3rd of October 2002, during which he unveiled before the world the Thirteen Point Programme. Those of you who were fortunate to be present on that historic occasion will fondly remember that Bapu began his speech in a most unusual, but in his own unique, inimitable style. He cited the song "tasveer banata hoon tasveer nahin banti"  to describe the helplessness that he could see on the face of every poor and underprivileged man that he came across during his travel around India, which made him sad; but only momentarily, for there was another song that he loved that reflected his optimism and hope for the country “tadbeer say bigdi hui takdeer banalay, apne pe bharosa hai to yeh daav lagalay. Who would have imagined anybody commencing a speech on a very important subject in a way that would deeply touch the chords of your heart; in such a disarming way? Our Bapu is indeed unique! I haven’t the slightest doubt that this speech of Bapu will, forever, be etched in the annals of the history of mankind.

As I reflect upon some of the things that Bapu said on that unforgettable day, it gives me the shivers even now. Sample this:

(i) “… Besides, the significant events, that are to occur shortly in the world… India will play a very important role in these, in all significant events… a very important role”

(ii) “…Nevertheless, know that it is going to be India who will lead… 108%… Definitely.”

(iii) “…Know that, irrespective of whether people follow me or not, I will accomplish what I want to and that, mind you, is my vow. I will be only too happy if my dear mates join me or follow me. But, even if the whole world is up against me, I will not be deterred from going my way and sticking to my values. That is for sure… 100%… 108%.”

(iv) “…I neither want to be a leader nor a ruler. You call me a Sadguru... I accept it. You call me God... I accept it. You call me a Monster... I accept it. I will accept any name you wish to give me. However the only role I wish to play is that of a friend. I am your friend… one who never betrays… one who really wishes you well… a friend on the path of truth, who gives all the love.”

(v) “…You are welcome to say anything you want. I do not care. As long as I know that I am on the path of truth you may say anything; I don’t care.”

(vi) “…The last 5 pages of this work (Shreemad Purushartha Grantharaj) will be blank… totally blank. They will be published only after I go from here, after having done what I am here for. But there is still a lot of time. Don’t rejoice yet. This is not going to occur in the near future… 100%. No bullet, no bomb can pierce this chest; remember… 100%.”

(vii) “…Besides, nothing can tie me down… nothing at all. Nobody can stop or contain me. My parents gave me this name of Aniruddha and that is exactly how I am – Aniruddha - one who cannot be stopped or contained. Nobody can hold me back - 100%.”

(viii) “…My 13 points are over. No, not over; they have only just begun. We hear Bapu’s 13 points are over… wrong. Bapu never came to an end and never will… 100%. So, Bapu’s 13 points too will not come to an end. They will go on, forever.”

My friends, if this is not inspiring, then please tell me what else is. These words uttered by Bapu are more than sufficient to motivate generations after generations.

Thus came into being the Thirteen Point Programme of Bapu comprising of the following projects:


As I look back over the activities that have been undertaken under the aegis of the Thirteen Point Programme, I feel a great sense of satisfaction at what we have achieved under the various programmes that were delegated down the line for execution and also a sense of pride for the wholehearted involvement of many Shraddhavaan Bapu Bhaktas, who have come forward to actively become a part of this great movement. At the same time, I am very conscious of the fact that a lot remains to be achieved, but am equally confident that we are taking small but sure steps in that direction; much in the same manner that Bapu has taught us on how to progress.

Dear Friends, I am sure you are keen to know as to how we have progressed on the various projects that form part of the Thirteen Point Programme. I am happy to state that we have made commendable progress on each of the Twelve Points; the Thirteenth Point, i.e. Sr. No. 9 - Satya Smruti (Shreemad Purushartha Grantharaaj) being the exclusive domain of Bapu. I have with me certain important statistics which I am sharing with you. This will give you an idea as to the kind of work that has been done by Shraddhavaan Bapu Bhaktas, most of whom have had to take time out after attending to their jobs and household responsibilities.

Satya Smruti (Shreemad Purushartha Grantharaaj):
This project, as I have said earlier, is the exclusive domain of Bapu himself, under which, as you well know, three volumes, namely Satya Pravesh, Prem Pravaas and Anand Sadhana have already been published. 

Bharatiya Bhasha Sangam Project:

Under this project, language classes were organized by Aniruddha Samarpan Pathak wherein Shraddhavaan Bapu Bhaktas learnt a new language. Bapu personally conducted classes in Marathi based on Shri Sai Satcharita for a select batch of around 350 for a period of three and half years.

General Knowledge Bank:

Under this project, relevant information that ought to be known by an average citizen, was initially published in the Krupasindhu magazine. Thereafter, under the same initiative, information on wide ranging topics, including matters medical, legal, taxation for individuals and a host of other relevant topics are being published in the daily newspaper Pratyaksha.

Study of Five Continents:
It was the study personally carried out by Bapu under this project that led to his writing the series of articles on the Third World War, which was eventually compiled as a book. The exhaustive international news that you get to read in Pratyaksha everyday is yet another step in that direction.

Now, I will proceed to give you statistics which are readily available with me for some of the projects.

Charkha Yojana:
1) Total number of Amber Charkhas distributed: 5570
2) Total number of Slivers utilized: 75,527 kgs.
3) Total number of Hanks made: 50,326 kgs
4) Total length of cloth woven: 2,48,014 mtrs.
5) Total number of uniform sets stitched and distributed: 1,16,578 nos. 

Raddi Yojana:

Today we all hear about eco-friendly Ganapatis and how this concept has caught on over the years. You will be glad to know that we were one of the first to initiate and implement the concept of eco-friendly Ganapati. This idea was born out of Raddi Yojana, when there was a discussion on how to effective deal with the used newspapers, that were being donated under this project.
Total Number of Idols made: 32,225
Countries covered other than IndiaHong Kong, Mauritius, Nigeria, Oman, Singapore, UAE, UK, USA.

OLD IS GOLD (Juna tey Sona): 

Maayechi Oob:

The beauty of Bapu’s projects is that it helps the housewife as well as the grandmother to keep herself busy at home after completing her domestic chores, by getting herself involved in the Maayechi Oob (Warmth of Love) project, by stitching quilts from pieces of discarded cloth or knitting sweaters.
Total Number of quilts (godhadi) made: 46,589
Total Number of quilts (godhadi) distributed: 35,589
a.       Vatsalyachi Oob*: Handmade sweaters by Shraddhavans: 1459
b.      Sweaters distributed (received as donation) :11,542
* This is an initiative undertaken under the project Maayechi Oob in which elderly Shraddhavaan ladies come together at Bapu’s residence 5 days a week and stitch sweaters while singing the praises of the Almighty. 

Vidya Prakash Yojana:

Total Number of Students benefited: 1,20,405
Total Number of candles distributed: 14,49,569
Total Number of matchboxes distributed: 6,63,699

Ahilya Sangh:
Number of Ladies enrolled: 3114
Number of Ladies trained in basic course of Bala Vidya: 1171
Number of Surya Namaskar Camps for ladies : 37
Number of Beneficiaries from Surya Namaskar Camps: 2032

Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management:

DMVs trained so far: 60,409
Number of Courses Conducted: 1,432
Number of Districts Covered: 24
Number of Trainers: 411
Number of Transmitters: 1115
Number of Courses outside Maharashtra (GujaratGoa, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh): 04
Number of Fire Fighters: 485
Number of Fire Fighter Courses Conducted: 09

Tree Plantation Initiative: 
Trees Planted
Other Centres


I would like to take this opportunity to convey my deepest gratitude to each and every Shraddhavaan Bapu Bhakta, who has contributed to this epic movement in every which way. There is a lot more to be achieved, but I am supremely confident that if we work together as a team, however far we may be separated by geographical distances, the common bond that binds us together - our unconditional love for Bapu and undiluted faith in him - will serve to collapse all these barriers and help us to achieve what he has envisioned for us and humanity as a whole. 


Hareesh Mahajan said...

Hari om Dada

I had been their to witness the historic discourse of our beloved Aniruddha Bapu on 3rd October 2002. The vision of our beloved Bapu created such a positive energy and we Bapu Bhakta have been following the 13 point program from that day onwards.

We are really blessed that we were able to contribute in almost every yojana of this Tera kalam in every which way possible.

Actually it gives immense pleasure and pride to see that the each and every activity has blossomed in last 10 years and its fragrance is widespread.

Bapu has shown us through his 13 point program that a common man like me can also contribute to the Society's betterment.


Mandar Karnik said...

This is incredible. Only Bapu can say this and it is only him who will deliver...let us try and contribute to 13 point program one way or the other..Shree Ram!!

Amit Joshi said...

Hari Om Samirdada,
This information was really awesome and electrifying.
Shree Ram,

Amit Joshi (Singapire).

Umesh Patil said...

Really Inspiring Dada.

I think, This Pravachan CD should be played at Centers again and again to be on track.

Hari om ,

Umesh Patil

Rajeshsinh Chavan said...

Hari Om Dada,

Many thanks for taking us back to Param Pujya Sadguru Bapu's discourse on HIS unique "13 point program". As our beloved Bapu always says that Sinhawalokan (review) is a must to progress in life, your artcile was indeed needed at this moment.

You have given very comprehensive details of almost all the activities. The work done under each point is no doubt huge but the Data Management of all these activities is itself a mamoth task. Congrates to the MIS team.Good work does not reach to mass because there is lack of authentic data to support it. You have with your Management skills have overcome that issue.

It is really high time for us to sit, go back to 1996 and understand how methodically HE has been planning is activities, sequensing these activities and execuion of HIS activities. Having done it get invloved in HIS mission in whatever BESTEST way we can with total devotion. This is the only way for Shraddhawans to stay on HIS Maryada Marg and be a part of HIS Ram Rajya.

Once again thanks to you for sharing such a important topic.

Hari Om.

Ajitsinh Padhye said...

Hari Om Dada. This note is a must read for all of us who are associated in some form or the other with the activities carried out by our Sansthas, and for all those who are associated with Bapu as a whole. I myself being a member of the Samarpan Pathak started by Bapu, am not only feeling proud, but much much much above that when I read all the astonishing figures mentioned in your note. This indeed has been possible only by the blessings and guidance of our beloved Sadguru, but the most important thing which filled by heart with emotions is the way you have concluded your note Dada. Your deepest gratitude conveyed to each and every Shraddhavaan Bapu Bhakta for his contribution to this epic movement in every which way, is the best part of the note ! Shreeram Dada for sharing such valuable information on your blog.

Swapnil said...

I still remember that day. There was huge crowd in and around Shri Harigurugram and P. P. Bapu delivered his discourse in his own unique style. The Extreme Kindness was flowing from P. P. Bapu's discourse and everyone was very eager to listen him.

He started so many activities through his 13 points program and as Pujya Dada have rightly said that most of the activity carried by himself alone like Satya Smruti, Pratyaksha, Bhartiya Bhasha Sangam lectures. By the grace of Bapu all activities of 13 point program are still continue with same spirit. If more and more people get involved in these devotional activities very soon India will see its golden days back!
Shri Ram!

Deeptiveera Parkar - Chandratre said...

Shree Ram Dada!! Kharach...Bapunni lavlelya hya 13 kalami yojanechya roptyacha gelya 10 varshat bhavya vatavruksha zala ahe... Ani divsen divas to akashala gavasni ghalat ahe!! Kharach Bapunni amhala 13 kalmi yojaneche daalan khule karun dilya baddal amhi tyanche shatashaha runi ahot......Aniruddha tuza mi kiti runi zalo, Aniruddha tuza mi kiti runi zalo.... - Deeptiveera Parkar - Chandratre

Sangitaveera Vartak said...

हरि ॐ दादा,
तुम्ही १३ कलमाविषयी पोस्ट टाकली तेव्हा लक्षात आले..... बापरे १० वर्षे झाली त्या प्रवचनाला...... अजूनही बर्‍यापैकी आठवते ते प्रवचन..... ते प्रवचन ऐकून आम्ही तर आवक्‌च झालो..... काय ते आपल्या बापूंचे बोल..... अगदी काळजातच घर करून राहीले आहेत... पूर्णपणे सुरक्षित असे.... कारण ते होतेही तसेच.... त्या अमुल्य अशा ठेवीची तुम्ही आज आठवण करून दिलीत त्याबद्दल खूप खूप श्रीराम....
त्या प्रवचनात परम पूज्य बापूंनी १३ कलमाची अनाऊसमेंट केली आणि त्यादिवशी मन अगदी भारावून गेले.....आपला बापू काय काय करेल याची आपण कल्पनाच करू शकत नाही.... तरी सामान्य माणूस ना कुठेतरी मनात वाटले की एवढे सगळे कसे जमणार? पण लगेच मनानेच सांगितले परम पूज्य बापूंनी सर्व श्रद्धावानांना सांगितलेलेच आहे की ‘तू आणि मी मिळून अशक्य असे काहीच नाही’ आणि ते त्यांनी खरे करून दाखविले प्रत्येक कलमातील कामे कीती पुढे गेली ते पाहून आपल्याला समजते..... आणि आपण सेवा करो किंवा न करो बापूंच्या कार्यात काही फरक पडणार नाही.... फरक पडणार आहे तो आपल्या आयुष्यात आपले प्रारब्ध त्याने धूतले जाणार आहे...... आपण साथ देवो अथवा न देवो तो एकटाच पूर्ण समर्थ आहे हे सर्व तडीस नेण्यासाठी..... श्रीराम बापू.....
पूर्वी वयस्कर किंवा काही शारीरिक आजारामुळे त्रस्त असलेल्या श्रद्धावानांना दिवस-दिवस बसून राहणे नको व्हायचे.... ते चिडचीडे व्हायचे.... त्यामूळे घरातील इतर लोकांनाही त्यांचा त्रास व्हायचा..... परंतू आता तसे होत नाही कारण..... घरात असलेल्या वयस्कर किंवा काही शारीरिक आजारामुळे बाहेर जास्त न पडू शकणार्‍या श्रद्धावानापासून सर्वांचाच विचार करून..... इच्छा असेल त्या प्रत्येकाला काहीतरी सेवा नक्कीच करता येईल याची सोय परम पूज्य बापूंनी या तेरा कलमद्वारे केली आहे..... अगदी घरातल्या घरात चारा लावणे, गोधड्या शिवणे, स्वेटर विणणे, अशा अनेक प्रकारच्या सेवा कमी श्रमात उपलब्ध करून दिल्या आहेत..... कोणी रिटायर्ड झाले की पुढील वेळ काय करायचे? हा प्रश्नच श्रद्धावानांना पडणारच नाही...... ते कशाला..... नोकरी करता करताही आपण कोणती आणि कीती सेवा करू शकतो याचेही managment होऊ लागले...... आणि प्रत्येक श्रद्धावान मग तो पूरूष असो वा स्त्री, वयस्कर असो वा तरूण प्रत्येकाच्या कुवती प्रमाणे प्रत्येकाला सेवा करण्याची संधी परम पूज्य बापूंनी उपलब्ध करून दिली त्याचा फायदा घेऊन आपापल्या कुवतीप्रमाणे त्यात एफोर्डस्‌ टाकायला लागला..... आणि इच्छा असेल तर ते नक्कीच जमते........
श्रीराम बापू....

sunilsinh bahl said...

hari om dada: your article is extremely concise and packed with relevant information. Many thanks for reminding us of the anniversary of the programme and providing an update. In our day to day lives, we tend to forget and it is good to revisit the origins of this noble initiative. As brought out by you, the progress on all fronts has been extremely high. One can only gauge the tremendous but silent efforts put in by all the bhaktas. As a true leader, through this programme our beloved Bapu has provided focus and direction to the bhaktas ever willing to do seva. Under His guidance, may the results keep on growing and growing..
thank you once again for this insightful update
hari om
sunilsinh bahl

me said...

this is truly inspiring.....

Umesh Shirodkar said...

Hari Om Dada

Shree Ram dada it has been a great journey since the announcement of 13 point program. The figures you mentioned reflect the magnitude of seva done under this program. Bapu announced this program so that each and every Shradhavan can participate as per his or her capacity.
Shree Ram for all those efforts which were put in to make it a great success.

Subhash S. Chitre. said...

Hari Om! Dada,

Thank you for taking us to the day 10 years back, when P.P. Bapu initiated before a vast sea of devotees assembled on grounds and beyond of Shri Harigurugram Bandra, His 13 point programme.

My wife and I had the fortune to be a witness to that event.

The figures given by you about the work done so far on all these points speaks a lot about the progress made.

After coming to U.S. in 2003 and while in Detroit, I had the fortune to make a presentation to the devotees who had assembled on the Vardhapan Din, in June 2006, when the 13 point programme was revisited and the progress made till that time was communicated to all present.

Indeed we have gone a long way since then; though of course, by no means the work is complete,---we have miles to go !!

Thank you again !

Subhash S. Chitre.

Harshada Kolte said...

Hari Om Dada

Looking back at 10 years the seed of Thirteen Point Program is indeed growing into big tree by P.P.Bapus grace. Dada you have given our mind total revision of what Bapu had said 10 years back, which will give us immense strenght to look ahead with full fledge energy. Shreeram.

ritu chavan said...

Hari Om Dada !Each word written is a real PEARL.Listening to the speech By P.P. BAPU on 3rd OCT 2002 was a historic movement,and now all these years Being a part of Thirteen point Programme has become very precious movements. BAPU AAI DADA could only do these,right from encouraging to explaining its importance to us all. shree Ram.

Shyamkant Matondkar said...

Hari Om Dada

Thanks for sharing the article and recharging us once again... Yes this is huge thing and with P.P. Bapus grace only are lucky enough to get a chance to participate in that.
Initially looking a gigantic work but really unbelievable how slowly Bapu made it easy for us to participate, taking care of our profession and other things. Simply because of Bapu.
Having Sadguru and friend like P.P. Bapu nothing is impossible..
I Love you Bapu..

Hari Om

Yezdisinh Variava said...


Dear Dada thank you very much for sharing with us all this so precious information.

Thanks to Parampujya Bapu that He has given us an opportunity to be a part of the projects of the Thirteen Point Programme.


Milind Sarpotdar said...

हरी ओम दादा! तुम्ही आठवण करून दिली. डोळ्यांसमोर ती तुडुंब गर्दी, ते बाप्पाचे रूप आठवले आणि खूप छान वाटले. बापूंच्या प्रेमाने डोळ्यात पाणी आले. गेल्या दहा वर्षातला बाप्पा बरोबरचा प्रवास आठवला आणि परत एकदा " अनिरुद्धा मी तुझा किती ऋणी झालो" याची जाणीव झाली. बापूंचे ते प्रवचन परत एकदा केंद्रावर ऐकायला मिळाले तर छान होईल.

Subashsinh Paul said...

Hari Om
Dada,we are fortunate to learn about what Bapu asserted in His historic address to the world on 3rd Oct 2002.Reminding us through your blog will definitely encourage us all Bapubhaktas towards achieving/fulfilling Bapu's Programmes.
Hari Om

www.komaljavle.com said...

Hari om and shree ram,I was one of the lucky ones to attend this grand speech given by Param pujya Bapu. Today a decade has passed and still that speech made by Param pujya Bapu is fresh in our minds. All these years after the speech and before (the years spent in preparing for such 13 point programme) show us how meticulously and endlessly our beloved Bapu,dada and aai are slogging for us. This article of yours refreshes all the thoughts our param pujya Bapu has put forth for our well being. Big Shree ram for you Dada to have made us aware once again of our responsibilities as the shraddhavans of param pujya Bapu.

Suneeta Karande said...

HARI OM DADA. That day's P.P BAPU's discourse was unique in HIS Style as UNIQUE HE is !!! It is really golden treasure gifted by BAPU to the entire universe. 13 point programme is really an amazing boon given by BAPU so that each and every shraddhavan can put his Seva and Bhakti and put his stick to GOVARDHAN of RAMRAJYA 2025 raised by our BAPU.
Shreeram Dada for sharing such valuable information on your blog.

Naresh Kukyan said...

Hari Om Dada. I was not a witness to Bapu's Historic pravachan of 3rd October 2002 as I came to know of Bapu in the Year 2004 only. However after reading your synopsis on the same I can understand that Bapu gave a detailed outline of the work he wants to us to undertake. In fact Bapu gave us Manual for Bapu Bhaktas on that day.

Sunny Sand said...

Hari Aum!

Good referesher as well as informative for people like us who were not there 10 years back. But one of the first information, I got after we started coming to Muscat Upasana Kendra was about the 13 point program and created an impression that yes....this is a Godman who does not do empty talks but shows what actually can be done even by small squirrels like us. Even sitting away from India we too have a participation in couple of these activities and gives us immense pride and satisfaction.

Over the years these activities have expanded and evolved. We find this 13 point program very useful whilst doing Gunasankirtan with new people.

Shree Ram Dada for refreshing as well as filling up some gaps in the information we had.