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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Special Article Featuring Speech of Aniruddha Bapu on 13 Points Programme

Hari Om Friends!

I have received wonderful responses from you all on my post titled "10 Years to THE DAY" on "13 Points Programme" which was conceptualized by Bapu and is being executed under his guidance. As per the request of few of my friends, yesterday I have published duly edited complete English translation of Bapu's speech that was delivered on 3rd October 2002 on "13 Points Programme" on my blog under the "Special Articles" section. 

The speech is available for reading at the following link: http://samirsinh-dattopadhye.blogspot.in/p/special-articles.html


Bhushan Naik said...

Shri ram for sharing bapu's pravachan dada!!!

It really charging me to do more & more bhakti & seva.

Suneeta Karande said...

HARI OM DADA. Shreeram many times for giving English translation of this discourse of P.P. BAPU's speech on 3rd October 2002. As Bapu always asks us to do SIHAVLOKAN , this will help us to know so far what we have achieved and yet there are many more things to do to fulfill our beloved BAPU's dreams.