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Thursday, 6 September 2012

बापूंनी श्री मूलार्कगणेशाला उपरणे अर्पण केले

ज बापूंनी (अनिरूद्धासिंह) श्रीमूलार्कगणेशाला स्वत: उपरणे अर्पण करुन पूजन केले. बापूंनी अर्पण केलेल्या  उपरण्यासहित श्रीमूलार्कगणेशाचे फोटो या पोस्ट बरोबर देत आहे.

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Hari Om Dear Friends,

Over the years there have been occasions where many Shraddhavaans have enquired about the stotras / japs that are being chanted in our Bapu parivar. Besides, there is this problem of pronunciation and tune faced by people who are not familiar with Sanskrit, Marathi and Hindi languages and are thus unable to chant it in the ‘proper’ manner. This invariably leads to a feeling of anxiety and dissatisfaction of not chanting it correctly and the consequences thereof.  The challenge is even greater in the case of Shraddhavans who are born and brought up outside India and are therefore completely alien to Indian languages.