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Special Articles


- Delivered on October 3, 2002 on the Grounds of the New English School, Kherwadi, Bandra (E), Mumbai, India.

We are gathered here today with a special enthusiasm; I know. Basically, I am a person who loves the world of music, who feels at peace in the company of nature. All types of music interest me; all, ranging from folk music to classical music, and so there was this song that I used to like. Yes, I used to. “Tasveer banata hoon, tasveer nahi banti; ek khwaab sa dekha hai taabeer nahi banti ” I really loved this song. When I began to travel around India, I happened to hear it from all over the country, from all the ten directions. Tasveer banata hoon,tasveer nahi banti …The eyes of every poor man, the face of every middle-class person, the hard labour of every toiling worker, every mind that was wronged, seemed to echo this song. I was sad, but only for a while; for this was followed by “Tasveer se bigadi hui takdeer banaale, apne pe bharosa hai to yeh daav lagaa le ”. And today I am here for that everything, “yeh daav lagaane ke liye” (to play my stakes). I am standing on a Dharmakshetra, on a Kurukshetra. But, I am here to prevent a Dharmakshetra from turning into a Kurukshetra and not to turn the Dharmakshetra into a Kurukshetra….. remember that. Now, what does that mean? What I am about to share with you is, in fact, a conversation I have had with myself; my conversation with my own self. The world today is moving on, advancing in the direction of doom. Be it the ordinary poor workers, who do not understand politics, either at the national level or at the municipality level and are obviously ignorant about the international scene, or the persons well-versed with the political, social, and economic situation of the country, both must be well aware that mankind today is moving swiftly, not towards progress or towards becoming a more civilized culture, but towards disaster. I am here to avert the Kurukshetra. I will try to avert the Kurukshetra till the end. Remember, what I object to is, the non-violence of the weak… I object to the non-violence of the weak. Resorting to non-violence just because one is incapable of fighting back is just not right. My goal is to resort to peaceful means inspite of my capabilities and strengths. The word ‘non-violence ’ includes violence... non-violence. Non-violence is all that goes into the wiping out of violence. Violence does not consist in killing with a weapon. One can be violent without having to kill. This kind of violence is spreading fast and spreading everywhere. The trend seen in the politics of all nations today indicates that very soon… very soon the international political scene... remember that very soon does not of course, mean in a day or two… very soon internal unrest is going to rise. Besides, the precursor to the reign of anarchy that will come has already occurred. I do not think the present generation knows much about the first and second world wars, not even through the written word. What we read in school is only to get through the exams, and end up forgetting it. So, those who talk in terms of war, forget that war is not child’s play. Great Britain was Great Britain until the end of the 2nd World War… it was Great Britain. Then what remained thereafter was just Britain… merely Britain. We need to know this and know this well. But, we never really paid any heed to this episode in History. Besides, the significant events, that are to occur shortly in the world… India will play a very important role in these, in all significant events… a very important role. Merely uttering words like “My country is indeed great” does not make the country great. The fact that our forefathers were great does not make us great. My grandfather may have been the king of this country but if I have been reduced to begging, then I am indeed a beggar. This is exactly our situation today. Nevertheless, know that it is going to be India who will lead… 108%… Definitely. But, what good are mere loud proclamations? When I look around, what I find here in India is that the richest harvest that we reap is that of idle talk, words… nothing but words; so many of them, that the ‘Shabdabrahma’ seems to have dissociated itself from Brahma and reduced to a cacophony. Everybody wants to talk, everybody likes to talk. However, they expect the action to be done by others. Know that, irrespective of whether people follow me or not, I will accomplish what I want to and that, mind you, is my vow. I will be only too happy if my dear mates join me or follow me. But, even if the whole world is up against me, I will not be deterred from going my way and sticking to my values. That is for sure… 100%… 108%. What will follow now is my 13-point programme. But, right at the outset, let me make it clear that, as far as this work is concerned, I will not tolerate the interference of any political party or any political organization whatsoever. Similarly, I will by no means tolerate any political movement being born out of it. Even the slightest hint of the kind and I will dissociate myself and move away from the movement. I have no political ambitions… none at all… 108%. I neither want to be a leader nor a ruler. You call me a Sadguru... I accept it. You call me God... I accept it. You call me a Monster... I accept it. I will accept any name you wish to give me. However the only role I wish to play is that of a friend. I am your friend… one who never betrays… one who really wishes you well… a friend on the path of truth, who gives all the love. Remember also that when I refer to ‘Dharmakshetra’, I do not refer a particular dharma but the maanav dharma (the religion of humanity) Truth, Love and Joy that is the dharma that is being spoken about. We have to fight all those who stand in the way of this dharma….100%. What all do I have to do to fight them?… There is a long way to go.

My first point and the last point are progressive from both the directions.

We have to be calm and listen… every word… in order to take in every word, not just in order to take it in but in order that it becomes our life. As a small child I had read this story. There was once a sparrow. A snake would come and eat up her eggs. The sparrow feels helpless before the snake. She approaches a mongoose.“Look, the snake ate up my babies. Please eat up the snake”. She pleads. “Don’t bother me,” says the mongoose. “That is your problem, not mine. There is nothing that I can do.” Since the mongoose refuses to help her, she has to go elsewhere. She decides to turn to the enemy of the mongoose, a more powerful being. But she does not find any. However she comes across the lion. She says to him “O lion, this cobra is destroying my babies. I need the mongoose’s help. Will you scare the mongoose and force him to fight the snake?” The lion says, “How does that concern me?” She then flies off to an elephant and says “the lion won’t listen to me. The mongoose too won’t help me. The snake keeps coming to eat my eggs. What do I do?” The elephant too refuses, saying, “That is not my business. I have so many other things to do.” The sparrow is very sad. Just then, she happens to see an ant. She pleads again. “You are a mother just like me. The snake keeps coming to eat my eggs. Please do something. Please.” “I have to stock grains of sugar. I cannot help you,” replies the ant. Helpless at first but desperate because of the crisis, she threatens the ant, “I will eat you up unless you go and bite the elephant’s ear.” The ant gets scared and she bites the elephant’s ear. The elephant then scolds the lion that, in turn, scolds the mongoose. The mongoose scolds the snake. The moral of the story is that whatever has to be done is accomplished only through your own abilities; abilities coupled with intelligent thinking. Servile talk leads us nowhere. This, we must know and we must know well. The strategy followed in the politics of the world is decided by the power that governs. The beginning of the 2nd world war saw the victory of Germany over various nations. Czechoslovakia was one of them. Until then, England did not feel the need to offer any help. France did not feel the need either. Both these nations conveniently chose to forget the Treaty Of Peace, whereby they were, in fact, obliged to help Czechoslovakia. They entered the war on the side of Poland and that too only when they anticipated the direct effect of the war on their own nation. Let us not forget this. It must be noted that since all strategies are decided by the powers and the authorities, unless India becomes strong in every way, it will not command any respect or worth in the world. But, look at the ways of our society. We never want to take the initiative in doing something. All we want to do is to act as a spoke-in-the-wheel when others decide to take up good endeavors. We demoralize them and prevent them from doing the good work. We are well versed with the tricks of the trade… so many of them. We all must bear in mind that as we move forward, this kind of internal resistance has to be overcome. As we go about looking for solutions, we may feel a particular solution is the most effective. However, in the event that the best solution is not available, we have to pull on till the best or the most effective solution is found. But, till then we have to manage to find a way to survive, don’t we? We just have to shed these tendencies. This is my country. Every citizen of my country is my kin. This sentiment has to be born inside of us. Once upon a time it did exist in us. It really did. Consider this: Pilgrims travelled from Rameshwar right upto Kashi, even upto Pashupatinath and from Pashupatinath upto Rameshwar. There were no planes, no trains and no S.T. buses then. You can imagine how many years a journey would take. There were no hotels like today. Money was no great help at all. One could not stay in a hotel in return for money. Yet, this journey that lasted 12 and even 14 years was absolutely safe. They never faced any language problem. Nobody would learn 22- 23 languages before setting out on the journey. But, they were welcome all over. This only indicates the country, with all the different fibres, was held together in one single weave. Today, we come across questions as to where we belong? To this state or that? To this caste or that? Just how many pieces are we going to divide our country into? Are we not aware that we can survive only as long as the nation does? We seem to believe in the principle that “The soldier’s chest is meant to take the bullet, while we take our meals in the comfort of our homes. Protecting the nation is the responsibility of the army and we have no role to play in protecting the nation or even strengthening it”. But this is wrong. Now I shall begin with my next program.

Clothing… Cloth. Even today, there are scores of students, not just in villages but also in cities, who do not have enough clothing to cover their bodies. As a result, they are unable to attend school and thus remain deprived of education. Therefore, such children or for that matter even the class that toils but fails to make ends meet, has to be provided with clothing. We are not talking of beggars; we are talking of those who work for their living. It is an important issue even today. Similarly, in times of natural calamities, those affected need to be provided with clothing. The aged, who have nobody to look after them, also should receive clothing. This is the first programme on my list. While on this point, I wish to recall, with love, something very beautiful; something that binds us all Indians, binds us firmly to it. And we have lost sight of it. Yet, the bond persists. It keeps surfacing over and over again in History. It keeps signalling to us. We are talking of our bond with the Charkha, a boon that a great soul of this country, Mahatma Gandhi, bestowed upon us. Mahatmaji may have had his own political views. I do not understand politics. I do not wish to understand it. There was no bullet proof vehicle and no bullet proof glass. This old man was shot… and at that moment what he uttered was… HEY RAM. We Indians believe that only saints utter the name of God as they breathe their last. But then, he was indeed a saint. Just this one thing is enough for me. The rest, gossip and disputes, I have left to those who indulge in it. That is their business. You might wonder, “Bapu, why do you want to drag us to the times bygone? There are mills now.”  But, then, these mills cannot provide me, as Indians, with cloth, and, that too, free of cost. I want your hands that toil. The two Spinning Wheels that you see here….the vertical one is out-dated. The one that is there in the wooden box is called the YERAWADA WHEEL. The other one that looks like a machine is the AMBAR CHARKHA… Ambar Charkha. We are going to spin the yarn on these two wheels. From today, I begin the Saptapadi of the chakra and the mantra… the chakra and the mantra. We want Bapu’s love. We want Bapu’s blessings. Bapu is with all those who spin the charka and chant the mantra… 108%. Chakra is the wheel of the charkha. I do not want you to throw your money and get cloth in return for that. I want you to get involved. You have to take this responsibility. The wheel has to spin as you work hard and as you say the mantra. Our organization has done a lot of preparations. I myself was preparing for it. I have learnt to…

Many organizations helped us in our preparations that have been going on for around six months. I feel the need to mention their names. The Gopuri Ashram, Vardha, Vinobaji’s Sarvodaya Ashram, the Gujarat Khadi Gramodyog Mandal, Ahmedabad, the Orphanage founded by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the various artisans there. Narendrabhai Shah, Bababhai Patel who helped us and, of course, the name where it all began, Dr.Madhavdas Thackersey. I must express my gratitude to the Trustees of Mani Bhavan, the Vice-chairman of Mani Bhavan Mr. Subramaniam and Mr.Tulsidas Somaiya. They have trained 12 of our volunteers not only in spinning the yarn but also in the entire process, and all this with so much love. Both these wheels yield yarn. However, the Yeravada wheel (charkha) is used to fabricate only the transverse yarn whereas the Ambar wheel that is mechanical, can be used for both the longitudinal as well as the transverse one and can be used to weave cloth. The Ambar charkha costs about Rs.1850/-. The cost may vary a little. The Yeravada Charkha costs about Rs.450/-. The cost depends on the wholesale rate effective at a given moment. The sliver there has to be bought. That is called the Sliver. Our friends in Bardoli, Vardha, Ahmedabad have promised to help us on that front. They are putting in sincere efforts. We, all of us, have to now spin the wheels. Our organization will get these slivers at Rs.80/-.  ….buy as much, as many slivers as is possible for you, spin the yarn and give it to our Organization. Those who are not able to do this, those who cannot participate in this work and spin the charkha must help those who can, and also support those who buy the sliver. This is a totally self-dependent plan and I absolutely insist that it is carried out by these means. Spinning the yarn, weaving cloth … Spinning the charkha will be taught at the Mumbai Sarvodaya Mandal, 1st floor, Nana Chowk, Mumbai on Sundays from 9.30 a.m. to 11a.m.and on Wednesdays and Fridays between 3.30 p.m and 5.00 pm. You might ask, “Bapu, why all this running around?” I have already said in the beginning, that I want your involvement. Even if you buy cloth in return for money that you pay and we weave the fabric we might be able to provide cloth worth Rs.4.50/-or Rs.5.00/-when the expense is Re.1/-. We can provide cloth enough for 4-5 persons at the cost of cloth that is actually meant for only one, and that too which is very durable and brand new, mind you. Those who use khadi know how durable it is and that it does not wear out at all. It is a need. It is a need of the students,  of the women. Education too is a need. Education alone can free a large part of the Indian Society from the clutches of blind faith, discrimination and all that stands in the way of the welfare of the country. They must all be aware, aware of the rights and their duties. So, this cause aims at providing clothing, free of cost, to children not only in Mumbai or in Maharashtra but all over the country. The Organization will make the fabric. It will bear the cost of weaving cloth. It will be distributed all over the country, among all castes, all sects, without accepting even so much as a rupee as token. Mind you, this will be a gift, not alms. If you feel these are alms or help, do not spin the charkha. I will do it all by myself. The yarn that it yields will be enough for me. Not, of course, for me to wear. I do not insist that you wear Khadi. Let all orphans get clothing to cover themselves. We just do not get any idea while living in the city. The villages in Maharashtra are relatively better off, but think of the situation in Khandesh. Our organization is working so sincerely. I am happy to announce that like in Dhule, we are going to adopt 3 more schools and villages. This again is for the same purpose. The initial stages have already taken off, spinning the yarn all by yourself and chanting the mantra simultaneously. And what do you think the mantra is? I would like you to ask me a question, “Bapu, which God do you worship?” To tell you the truth, I do not worship any God. My God, is sitting right before me, I worship him. Bapu belongs to all those who turn the charkha and chant the mantra.

Baar maas means 12 months. It is the Baar maas farming fodder plan. But I really would like to name it “Go-grass”. (A morsel of food for the cow). The moment we see a cow on the road we bow before her, touching her tail, we also do namaskaar. On Mondays, in the holy month of Shravan, I see cows with their stomachs tight and full. A hire charge of Rs.15/-is what is payable. We keep stuffing the cow. Then I wonder which doctor gives her tablets if she has to put up with indigestion. We just refuse to give up the idea that we earn ‘punya ’ by feeding the cow. Instead of that, why don ’t we give a thought to the farmer who is the main support, the pillar and who depends entirely on this animal? In India, famine strikes all the time. Mr. N.C.Kelkar has written the biography of Lokmanya Tilak; a beautiful one. He describes the famine that struck in 1852. Famine is by no means a temporary phenomena or crisis in India. It affects some place or the other. But there is a calamity that is worse than famine. The debt of the farmer. There are multiple factors responsible for this situation. The rocky and barren land, lack of rain, lack of ponds, canals, dams and most of all the scarcity of grass and the inconvenience cause to cattle, This is an important factor. During the famine, the farmer even sells his clothes to make ends meet. However, in famine struck areas, cattle are sold at the price of fodder and fodder is bought for the price of gold. I see this situation in many areas, including Khandesh; there is no fodder because there are no rains. There is no water throughout the year. So then it is the responsibility of the city dwellers. We have to grow this grass. The water that the government provides us with is used for drinking and washing utensils and clothes. It is the farmer who provides us with food. We have to grow this grass to feed their animals. That is why this project is also called Round the year farming fodder project or the Non-Farming–Fodder Project. That is “Go-grass”. All of us have to grow this grass. We do not need large pieces of land for that. We have grown it in our chawls and flats. We, my volunteers and I, have been conducting this experiment throughout last year. I am preaching what I have already practiced. Sugarcane, wheat, rice and maize. We peel out the skin of the cane and throw it away. The nodes can be kept in a tray of water. They sprout to give the main cane along with the leaves. Once they grow as much as two feet, they are the best food for cattle. During the Navaratri festival I sow grains of wheat in a plate and then immerse them in the water. But if we do this round the year, if we sow wheat, rice or maize in one or may be two plates, the grown sapling will be collected by our organization. We have now decided to buy two Tempos specially to transport these, free of cost, for the cattle in the famine struck areas. Remember, only then will the farmer truly survive. If we want to feed the cow, let ’s not, foolishly, feed her ‘varan bhaat’ and ‘puran poli’. Just stop these meaningless and stupid practices. Feed her with food that is grown in your home out of your own money that you worked for. I know, some might ask, “Bapu, what about proliferation of mosquitoes in the process?” Well, the answer for that is ready. Mosquitoes do not breed in grass. It is enough to grow 4 or 5 saplings at a time. You can, thus, have a yield 3-4 times in a year. Besides, if water does not stagnate, we need not worry about mosquitoes at all. They lay their eggs only in water and that is where they grow. Cases of Malaria are on the rise in Mumbai. If I grow this grass, I know there will be fingers pointing at me promptly that Bapu is growing grass and that is giving rise to Malaria. It is not grass that breeds mosquitoes but unhygienic conditions and stagnant water that do. Hence the round–the–year water, farming and fodder project. Now, what exactly am I supposed to do? Just take a few grains of cereal and sow it, as is the Navaratri custom. Get home sugarcane to eat. Each cane has 10-12 nodes. Plant these properly in the soil and when the leaves grow and attain the required height, deliver them to the Organization and continue doing this. We never feel the scarcity of water. But, those who do, happen to be those who provide us with our food. Their cattle are ours, our real cattle. If we want to collect ‘punya’, we must prepare this food ourselves. Let us make a beginning. We do not mind if others follow suit. I do not wish that anything should be stamped as mine. I just know one thing, when God gives us rain; the rain is not stamped as ‘God’s rain’. The fruits, the wheat, the rice that he gave us also do not bear His stamp. I therefore feel it is neither necessary nor a need that any project bears my stamp. This was about the second Point.

We collect all the used paper and sell it for Rs.10, 12 or 15 or whatever, and that too after much haggling. But I want that waste paper. Yes, I do. You might well ask, “Bapu, what is the plan? Do you want to buy used articles? Is it to earn money by selling the paper? You are welcome to say anything you want. I do not care. As long as I know that I am on the path of truth you may say anything, I don’t care. In any case, what we earn is Rs.4 or 5,which hardly makes a difference. If what you get by selling this paper does not make any difference to your monthly expense, do give this paper to the organization. Paper bags made out of this paper will go a long way in solving the plastic bag problem. This will also contribute in the conservation of the environment. Any paper will do, not just newspaper. Beside paper pulp made out of this paper will be used to make articles. This will be done at our land at Karjat. Employment opportunities will thus be created. This employment however, is not a job. Anybody, who is without a job and has to go hungry, can work there and earn wages for that day. As much as is possible will be done for this arrangement to continue. My volunteers have been trained over the last three years in this work of making various useful things out of paper pulp. If at all we are left with surplus paper, we will sell it and the money will be transferred to the ‘Clothing’ project to buy slivers. We must also be aware that if used paper is used to make new paper cutting down of trees will be curbed. So, collect all used waste paper. But if you come across a cheat who collects paper using Bapu’s or the organization’s name, then do not hesitate to throw him in the waste paper basket. Such people are not even worth the waste paper. They are just worthless. Whenever work is done for a good cause there are going to be people who stand in the way. We have to deal with them there. This, then, was the Waste Paper Project.

What I want from you under this project is: Old (but not torn) clothes, old utensils and old textbooks. Those who feel the need to sell them may of course sell the books, but those who do not, may please give them to the organisation. Old toys will do, but only non-battery-operated. I will come to why I want them……blank pages from old notebooks….. at the end of every year we do have a few pages left in our notebooks. I am greedy…… I just want all that is old. So, old clothes (not torn), old utensils, old non-battery-operated toys and blank pages. From the blank pages our volunteers will make notebooks, which will be distributed free of cost amongst the poor students. “What are these toys for, Bapu?” you may wonder. The 5th -6th standard children in villages still walk 10 miles or more in order to get to school. The teacher keeps classes going up to the 4th standard. The parents are reluctant to send their children to school as they miss out on the money that the boy or the girl would earn in the fields. We need to motivate them, to tempt them; you may call it a bribe if you wish …I do bribe, I am ready to bribe these children and even their parents. We have, in fact, done it and with success. Those who are marked present regularly get these toys and their parents get the clothes. They even receive old utensils and are temped to send their children to school. You might say, “Bapu, how are we concerned? These children will grow up and be on their own. No my dear ones, they are not beggars. You give 25p to the beggar on the street or when people of a certain gender come to the autorickshaw and beg, you give them Rs.2-4 out of fear. Don’t you? Stop it now. Help the workers. Learn to help the students. All these old articles will be used to motivate and inspire poor students and their parents. We are in fact already doing it. We are relating to schools on a much larger scale now. This movement, too, has to spread all over the country…….100%. The old stuff is not just to make a little money. If old has to be turned to gold, the old has to be put to appropriate use. That was about the Old is Gold project. 

The warmth of love…… we all long for the warmth of God ’s grace. We wish that God should take care of us; keep us warm with His quilt. Lord Vitthal carried Janabai’s quilt with Him and forgot His own “Shelaa”. The quilt really deserves a lot of praise. Many workers remain deprived of this quilt. Making these quilts is offering the warmth of love. Both men and women can make these and that too sitting at home. These can be made out of torn clothes or pieces of cloth. A little while ago I said that I want your old clothes and now I am telling you to put your torn clothes to this use. Meenatai Mahajan is willing to train both men and women to make quilts. She is an expert in this art. The training will be imparted in our office and thereafter the quilts can be made at home.  Charity can be made by way of food, clothing and shelter. This is shelter. We cannot present anyone with a house but we can surely gift this quilt to the workers and even to destitute students and women. We do have a lot of free time. Even if we make use of a little, we can make 2-3 quilts in a month. All we have to do is use our hands for these purposes instead of using them to surf TV channels.


If you take a tour of villages in and outside Maharashtra, you will discover that there are villages where it is not possible to get electric supply or, for instance, pay the bill. Certain categories of people, for e.g. farmers, get it free, for agriculture etc.; but, the others do not. And there happen to be students within the working class. They have to study, which they cannot after sunset. School gets over at 5.00 pm and by the time they come home, it is already dark. When can they study? They have to get up early in the morning to go to school. Where is the time to study? The teacher then beats them up; then they are frightened of school.  It is for this reason that we have to bring light. “Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate Ramam Ramesham Bhaje” This shloka may be chanted for as many times as is possible and everyday, if you cannot say it everyday, say it whenever you can. As you have your bath, before your bath, in bed at night, but just say it. Ram is the Sun and so, when we give this gift of light, we have to be addressing Ram. We have to offer candles and matchboxes to Ram. You will have to buy these candles and matchboxes. These candles and matchboxes will be brought to the office. The Organization will then distribute these free of cost to the students who are not able to study because there is no electricity. This applies to the entire country; in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and in Maharashtra in Nagpur area. There are several houses where there is no light at night.  Our candle must reach there. We do the “navas ”(vows) of various kinds. We must do this one. My work must get done. Say it to any God or Goddess, pray that your work must get done. Say that you would give certain number of candles, a certain number of matchboxes. Your sugar, or the 2 Laddus, even the gold crown that you give is not going to please any God or Goddess. What will is Seva and Bhakti. Give your love. Your “navas ”should bring light into the life of these students. You can even give candles every month, one, if that is indeed my capacity and one thousand if I am in a position to do so. Each one can give as per his/her capacity. But, remember that it is important that these candles reach them. This is the Light of Knowledge Project. “Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate Ramam Ramesham Bhaje It is always Ram who wins, remember. The victory of the Ram naam is the victory of light and the defeat of darkness. The battle of Light against Darkness and the battle of Darkness against Light is an ancient battle of this universe. As we fight it, I wish to address Ram. “Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate Ramam Ramesham Bhaje ”

The Cleanliness Campaign squad has now formed from within the Samarpan Pathak. What I am sharing with you today is on the basis of a 2 1/2 year long research done by the Samarpan Pathak and our other Volunteers. What is Research? We only know of medical research. We do not recognize any other. Research is part of Social Sciences and our organization has conducted two such research projects. They had to visit several centers, people from different schools of thought, of different religions. The theme was “What do you think should be done to make India the greatest and the most pre-eminent country of the world”? Various questions were asked and the answers were sought. The other project was “The Indian Woman, What Next?” Both these projects were executed in Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, English and Kannada. People speaking languages apart from these were also contacted from time to time for their views. The results of this research have definitely influenced certain decisions and policies, and I am putting them all before you today. The workers who have contributed to this research have been assigned to this Cleanliness Group (Swachchata Group). We have cleaned up hutment colonies and colonies of the poor; we cleaned roads. But, from now on, I have changed my strategy; the cleanliness campaign will, hereafter, function only in schools in poor and middle-income group areas, public hospitals, and places of worship that are socially oriented. ‘You can offer help by approaching the group through the centers. Our group recently carried out this campaign at the Nair Hospital. They also carried out a project of re-immersion of Ganpati idols. We have now taken up a new project - water logging. The water-logging project was not my idea. It came from a friend Mr. Pradeep Varma. Now the scientists and volunteers are putting their heads together to think about the issue. We are doing this because it is an urgent need of the hour. But, I have spoken about it many a times and so I would not want to dwell on it again.

Ahilya, Stree janma hee tujhee kahani, Hridayee amrit nayanee pani.”(That is the story of your life, O woman; Your heart is filled with nectar and your eyes, with tears.) Ahilya is the personification of the misery of the Indian Woman. An unscrupulous Indra assuming her husband’s form, violates her chastity, and her husband, equally unscrupulous, curses her that she be reduced to a stone. This innocent woman, turns to a stone then waits for years together for Ram to come and deliver her from that curse. Caught between the injustice of the society and that of her husband, she is the symbol of the Indian woman’s misery. The Indian woman is again in danger. She is burnt on the road and nobody comes to her help. She is raped publicly but nobody wants to help her. Why do you look at men expectantly that they might help you? The Ahilya Sangh has been formed under the guidance of Nanda Vahini for women to strengthen themselves, on their own, to teach an appropriate lesson to all those who do injustice. Appropriate is what it should be. Prayer and Jap will not move these wolves. There was this woman who approached a Sadguru and said. “Sadguru, my boss harasses me. I need this job. What do I do? If I do not yield to his wishes, he can even sack me by accusing me wrongly. I am a widow, having three children. My parents and my mother-in-law are all dependent on me. I am really scared.” The Sadguru was really shrewd …shrewd in the good sense. He did not give any mantra. He gave her a knife. “Keep this with you. Use it appropriately at an appropriate moment. He won’t die but he won’t even live either”. That man is indeed living this kind of a life, mind you. Alive, yes, but not of any use? If every Indian woman decides to change herself, she will not have to worry about anything. That is what I would like every woman to become, with the help of the Ahilya Sangh. All the ancient Indian martial arts that I have taught Acharya Ravindra Manjrekar, will be used to teach women to develop their strength. It is you who have to develop it. You might think that your brother, your children, your husband and the society will come to your rescue! Draupadi had all her 5 husbands, her father-in-law, the Dharmacharya before her… none came forward to rescue her, but for Krishna. Today, you do not even have to wait for Him. Get ready. The Lord will definitely come. But, you will have to really take efforts to earn this strength. Don’t be under this wrong impression that I want you to learn using the knife. But be sure that all the martial arts needed to protect yourselves will be taught to you and there will be training centers all over the country. The woman has an immense reserve of strength …strength, which has been suppressed for times immemorial. The time has now come for it to bloom yet again. However the Ahilya Sangh leaders will have to beware of genuine allegations and fake ones. Article 498A says that if, within the first 8 years of marriage, the in-laws torture the daughter-in-law for dowry, they are first taken into custody and then the investigations are carried out. Many women have taken an undue advantage of this article. I have seen a 92-year-old paralyzed lady being arrested. We must not misuse the provisions of law. Strength must be coupled with responsibility. The persons in authority must know the difference. Do not wait for Ram to come. Ahilya must take charge and do things herself. She, too, must be capable of giving a curse, if need be. That is what I expect. Besides, all women who have been wronged and who are in a crisis, will receive support from the Ahilya Sangh. The third important thing is that the women who suffer because of the addiction of their husbands, will also receive help. This also means helping the de-addiction work. The Ahilya Sangh will do both these things; mind you, the Ahilya Sangh is not a woman’s liberation movement. It has been established so that no woman ever has to face the same situation that Ahilya did. Every center will give personal details and the Sangh will function accordingly. No tricks. No fights. All that we want is to become strong and counter injustice.

Manusmriti… what Manu wrote initially was very good. I do not want to listen to things like “Later on it was others who added baseless material to it.” If it was indeed one single person who wrote it, then He must have been truly useless. Manusmriti has chosen to forget the humane element and compassion. A Smriti that suggests a humiliating life for women and non-Brahmins must be done away with. There is no point in burning the work. I neither recognize the Varna nor the caste. Everyone must get equal opportunities. Follow your caste; I have no objection. I only have a request; please do not say that my caste is superior to yours; stop that first. There is no harm in being proud about your caste; I do not mind. But, our caste is superior and the others’ are inferior, is something you must stop saying… we have to stop that. It is this caste distinction that has torn India into pieces, and taken away its strength. When I hear the educated talking about this caste and the other, I feel ashamed; but they don’t. Incidentally, the caste that is looked down upon by another, considers itself superior to some other caste. This is a vicious circle. If we want to break free, we have to first stop this talk of superior and inferior castes… stop talking; the rest will be taken care of. I have begun a ‘Dharmagrantha’ in place of the Manusmriti… a Dharmagrantha… Satyasmriti. I am not an atheist. I have full faith in God. This work has to do with Him. What would the work be? This work intends to free society from unnecessary rituals, blind faith and get done only what is apt. It will explain what Dharma is all about. I am not going to come out with a new philosophy.

It is going to be a confluence of the 4 Indian religions, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism. The reader of this work must not belong to any one particular religion. He must belong to the religion of God....to the religion of humanity. What do I wish to achieve? My most important announcement, the one that I keep repeating. No agents. There must not be any agent between the bhakta and God. That is why I am writing this work. These agents have truly harmed India. I am writing this work so that all agents disappear totally. Any Bhakta full of love for God need not approach any agent.  I have an aim of establishing at least one ideal place of Pilgrimage. When on a pilgrimage we come across unclean temples, the greed for money of the poojaris, the lack of discipline among the bhaktas. Besides, the beauty of God does not seem to inspire us. We are servile and only go to ask for something. We don’t even look at the face of God. Imagine a beautiful, clean temple, where nobody stops you; you can take darshan with so much peace, you can sit before God and talk to Him… These we find in our Christian places of worship and the Muslim places of worship. Why, then can ’t we establish these kind of holy places? Of course we can… surely! The only thing that should happen is the elimination of these agents. We need to prepare ourselves mentally. This work will prepare the mind. The last 5 pages of this work will be blank… totally blank. They will be published only after I go from here, after having done what I am here for. But there is still a lot of time. Don’t rejoice yet. This is not going to occur in the near future… 100%. No bullet, no bomb can pierce this chest remember… 100%. That is what the Dharmagrantha is going to be, the one that I am writing for my friends. Today, in India, tradition is nurtured much more than the Truth. We do not care for the Truth. We are slaves of tradition and that too the wrong one. There once was a great astrologer, a Jyotishacharya, His name was Brahmagupta. He authored a new work in the 2nd Century A.D. and do you know what he wrote in the preface?… a very beautiful thought. He said, the mathematics of the stars, that Brahmadev gave to us, is now old and so weary, and I am writing it afresh. In the 2nd Century A.D. this scientist was ready to change the word of Brahmadev. This is not a palmist who reads our palm; this is an astronomer who studies the stars. In the 2nd Century A.D. there was a scientist who spoke these words and, today, we are still not ready to shed our wrong beliefs. My Dharmagrantha is certainly not meant to make me immortal, in a sense. The Geeta assures us of that. Besides, nothing can tie me down… nothing at all. Nobody can stop or contain me. My parents gave me this name of Aniruddha and that is exactly how I am – Aniruddha - one who cannot be stopped or contained. Nobody can hold me back - 100%. Whether you like it or not, I am writing it and will write this Dharmagrantha and I am going to present it to you, at your service.


We are only familiar with the money bank. This is an information bank, a General Knowledge bank. Every Thursday, before I begin the discourse, I will talk about new scientific discoveries, scientific information and various events in the world of science. This 5-10 minute talk aims at developing the mind and exposing it to progressive thought. It will also help to shed our confusion. We hardly read. But I am going to talk about all that is necessary just before the Vishnu-Sahasranaam.

Knowledge is essential. Even bhakti needs knowledge. But the view that mere bhakti does not help you to acquire knowledge, my dear ones, is a wrong belief. Knowledge is born out of bhakti. What if I do not know whom to address my bhakti to? I need to know that don’t I? In today’s world, we have to honour and respect knowledge. Bhagvan Shree Krishna Himself says in the Geeta, Knowledge is a necessity. We have to acquire knowledge. There are various kinds of knowledge. The knowledge of languages is considered supreme. Literature is supreme among all kinds of knowledge. The study of languages is the worship of Goddess Saraswati and of Goddess Parvati. That is why the Samarpan Pathak has been carrying out this project of the study of various languages. Each one has to learn a language apart from one’s mother tongue. An institute on those lines has been established, Bharatiya Bhasha Sangam, where every Indian can learn any language apart from his / her mother tongue. Learn one if you wish, or even two languages. All the Indian languages, even Urdu, will be taught. Urdu, incidentally, originated in India. The language was born as a result of the war against the kingdom of Vijaynagar. The Arab army spoke Arabic or Persian and this mixed with the languages spoken in southern areas, a mixture of Marathi and Kannada. The Urdu thus formed was initially called Dakhkhani. It is the language of the soldiers. It then became Urdu. Today it is the national language of Pakistan. We are not aware of this episode in history…...when Urdu became the national language of Pakistan, only 2% of the population of Pakistan spoke Urdu. The rest spoke Punjabi, Sindhi and Baluchi. Urdu is an Indian language. We need to study that too. So, Bharatiya Bhasha Sangam will show the way.


An institute, aimed at the study of the five continents, on the lines of the Institute of Regional Studies, is being formed. The groundwork is on the way. The progress and politics of the 5 continents, scientific and educational progress, and cultural progress and of course regression, all will be part of the study. The study of the world around only helps to study our own selves. We need to do it. This Institute will produce scientists… social scientists. India has neglected this science. We have institutes, but we lack awareness. Hence, the Institute of Social Studies. This will produce several scholars.

These, then, were the 12 projects. Right from the charkha, food for cattle, everything is the work of God. We might say the mantra, Rushabha Gautam, we might say Ramo Rajamani... we might donate food, quilts. Let whatever you do be motivated by the purest of sentiments. We all have difficulties in life. It is common Indian belief that these are the result of the sins of the previous birth. But if we have to combat these difficulties, we have to accumulate our punya; we have to turn to virtue. And that, you are not going to achieve through irresponsible and foolish behaviour. The path of Truth, Love and Joy is what we have to tread upon to earn our punya from Bhakti and Seva. Only then can the sins be countered. Do you recall the story of the Sparrow? Those who live around you cannot protect you, however strong they may be. Netaji Subhashchandra Bose had clearly said, that those who lead India, those who work for the welfare of this country need to evolve spiritually. A warrior like Subhashchandra Bose tells us this! These are not the words of a person with blind faith, but that of a warrior; a fighter on the battlefield has uttered them. We have to worship God through seva. What is important here is Group Upasana. Bapu, why are these centers formed for group Upasana? Our Christian brothers, our Muslim brothers do this group Upasana. We can learn from them. Group Upasana used to take place in India until the second century. We have to revive them. We do not want to be one up on anyone. The vibrations born out of this Upasana, the energy and the valour born out of this Upasana are beneficial to the country and hence to us. When ten persons come together and pray, the benefits reaped are ten times as much as when a person sits alone. Let’s look at it like this - if one person sitting by himself derives a benefit of 10 gms from his prayer, 10 persons, each praying say 10 gms., reap a benefit of 100 gms. each. Group Upasana does not divide the Punya; instead it multiplies and that too in a non-geometrical progression. We do not have to indulge in foolish practices. We can do our daily prayer, say our Ram Raksha, Ghorkashtodharan Stotra, chant the Jai Jai Ram Krishna Hari mantra or even chant the one that we just spoke about, Rushabha, Gautam, Dattaguru and without proving to be a bother for others. We can even recite the stotra of a deity of our choice or chant the mantra or sing bhajans of that deity. Come together, but not to fight. India has given birth to so many stalwarts. Take the case of Japan, for instance  - it was bombed and practically destroyed in 1945. India became independent just two years after that. Look where Japan has reached and look at us! Yet, I say that the post independence period did see so many great personalities. Japan had only a handful of such great personalities. But the Japanese society soared and progressed. India gave birth to many great personalities but, as a society, it did not develop. Why does this happen? … it is primarily because we lack that feeling of belonging for one another. We have to create this feeling through bhakti… through bhakti… bear that in mind. Developing our bhakti towards God is very important. These are not tasks meant for a social worker, or for political leaders either. These are tasks meant for those who serve sincerely, fully aware of the existence of God. These are tasks of someone who has a lot of love for you, your father, your brother or your friend, if you like. We have to strengthen our religious and group feelings. Your prayer may be sincere, you may be aware of the existence of God, you may be doing your Jap or singing bhajans but what will really please God is seva. So, we have to recall that every Indian dharma stresses that irrespective of jap, the following 3 debts have to be repaid in order to deserve to go to heaven or even be happy and peaceful during our lifetime - The debt of your mother, your dharma and your motherland. We do not repay our own mother’s debt, leave alone that of the motherland. That is why we are in want; we are unhappy. The sages of olden times have clearly stated that when a child below 16 years commits a crime or it is starved, the resultant sin is borne by the parents. If the parents are no more, the father’s brother and his wife, the father’s sister and the mother’s sister have to bear it.  If these relatives too are no more, then the sin is to be borne by the village in which the child stays. These kinds of sins are being loaded on us. The earthquake in Latur is not our responsibility; the earthquake at Kutch does not concern us. When the Kutch earthquake happened. my volunteers said, “Bapu, we have to go immediately, the very next day.” I refused and said, “Wait, hold on for three months. Go only when the crowd of photographers disperses.“ I wish to state proudly that yours is one of the mere 3-4 organizations that are still serving, consistently, even today, even now. But this does not mean that you are working there. You have to take responsibility. The sins that create trouble for us are those that are committed by dependants. The age group below 16 years does not sin and the orphans and old people do not sin. The sins of destitute aged also pass on to the society. This is a firmly established theory in the Indian Religion. “We have not sinned Bapu.” Don ’t say that because not doing your duty is also a sin and you are suffering due to that. You are reaping the fruits of corruption. You just have to do the group Upasana. But Bhakti has to motivate these. Seva alone can lead to ego. Bhakti usually does not give rise to ego and all that one does, is the wish and will of God, it is His grace. Why am I doing this seva? Not for this one bearing a six-foot body, it is for our own selves. Remember, your fate is your life and we want to break through it. Fate cannot be altered through spells or even offering goats to God. We must be sure of that - 100%. What we need is genuine spirituality. We may chant his name, pray, sing bhajans, worship idols and offer garlands, anoint idols. It does not matter. We can do it as part of our bhakti……bhakti mind you, and not pretence. The priest recites the mantra; neither he nor we understand the meaning. He tells us to offer flowers and we offer leaves, instead of water we pour the wrong thing, that’s how our pooja is conducted. The lady performing the pooja is more worried about the taste of the food she cooked and the husband who is doing the pooja is more bothered about how the visitors are being taken care of. Besides if the visitor happens to be the boss, he has to attend to him in a servile manner. These are not pooja. No God accepts this pooja. These are nothing but a hoax. They have to be stopped. You can do the pooja the way you like it. I do not object to anything. You can colour any stone with sindoor, I will join my hands in prayer. I know if the sentiment is genuine, God surely exists in it. What I object to is the hypocrisy. What is wrong is turning to the name of God because you are incapable of anything in life. Your youth is meant for education, your youth is meant for your job or your business, your youth is meant for earning money, your youth is meant for marriage and family life, for making a name and seeing the world. But we reserve our old age for the very God who graces and blesses us with all this – Why? This is shamelessness. Shed it and then call yourself a bhakta. Bhakti has to come from within. What makes God are the ways of the saints. “je kaa …”Remember what Sant Tukaram tells us. What the Vedas and the Upanishads tell us. I have personally experienced the greatness of the Vedas. “Brahma satya…”is not what should drag us down. The various schools of thought that talk of Maya are more elusive than anything else. They are for great personalities, not for ordinary ones like me. These empty words do not get us anywhere. Since the 2nd century, all that has happened is the authoring of works. The result is that India has been taken for granted. This has to end. Let our bhakti be firm and sincere and let our seva be genuine and consistent.

Our organization has already set up The Academy of Disaster Management. Till date about 1200 persons have been trained. These people are, in turn, training others as theirs was the training needed to equip teachers about natural disasters like earthquakes, floods as also man-made disasters like bomb explosions, terrorist activities and restrictions imposed by foreign countries. I am establishing a Disaster Management Force for this purpose. In five years I want to prepare five lakh young persons from all over the country. Five lakh youngsters who will be ready to face any disaster…..absolutely any. Armed forces and the civilians must complement each other. Besides these five lakh volunteers are not a one-time affair. The number shall remain constant at any given point of time. Suppose the twenty-five year old turns 50 after twenty-five years, the number of members has to be maintained at 5 lakh. This voluntary group will rush to the help of every Indian whenever needed and will also be ready to risk their lives. They will also be instrumental in actually averting disasters. They will also be ready to go to war if there is an attack on the country which they will do under instructions and order from the democratically elected Prime Minister in power at that time and the Chief of Army of this democratically elected leader. They will not receive any orders from Aniruddha then. They will take orders from the democratically elected leader at the top. He may belong to any party and any religion. I have nothing to do with that. I will, however, see to it that 5 lakh youngsters from all over the country are ready as part of the Disaster Management Force, prepared to protect my Motherland and also ready to lay down their lives for the purpose. This is not an army. 99% of the time, they will be managing disasters. Only if there is an attack on the country, they will not hesitate to sacrifice their lives in the war that will be fought under the orders of the Prime Minister and the Chief of Army. They will not hesitate for a second… 100%… 5 lakh such youngsters. We have to do everything in geometric progression. I am going to do it… 108%… with the name of Ram on their lips, the strength to help in their hands and the will to fight with any available weapon, for the country right until they have the last drop of blood in them. That is what these 5 lakh youngsters will be. The Disaster Management Team is being formed. 5 lakh in the age group of 16-25 years. If the 25 year-old turn 26 in the following year an equal number in that age group will replace them. So, the first youngster to volunteer... as charity begins at home...is from my home. My son Pouras is 16. He is the first member of this group. I am proud of the fact that He is ready for it and I am happy about it. (Applause). I would appreciate ten times more if these applauding hands are used for seva. I am not fond of applause, mind you. While we are doing this work, we do not want to form any extremist group. In order not to lose sight of this, numerous chiefs and group chiefs will be appointed. Producing hooligans, while undertaking welfare work, is something I resent. What grows will be exactly what I sow. I know very well how to ensure that. If I sow rice and if someone sows harmful weeds I know exactly how to uproot the undesirable weed. I sow rice if and only when I am capable of uprooting the unwanted. The moment I took up this responsibility, the complete protection machinery was made ready. There just cannot be any undesirable element in it. The Disaster Management Force and the 5-lakh youngsters are like the Pandavas of Shree Krishna. The number is quite small considering the size of India. Announcements will be made from time to time through centers. This is a job of discipline.

My 13 points are over. No, not over, they have only just begun. We hear Bapu’s 13 points are over… wrong. Bapu never came to an end and never will… 100%. So, Bapu’s 13 points too will not come to an end. They will go on, forever. “What do we give you on Gurupournima?” I was asked. I said, “Just the Ram Raksha… the Ram Raksha or the Ghorkashtodharan Stotra. Give it to me for the sake of the universe. It will draw interest in my bank and I will return it to you with interest. I offer interest liberally. Today onwards, these 13 points will be effective. They will go on. So will Bapu. And so will all friends of Bapu. What do we give Bapu? Give me the Ram Raksha; Bhakti Jap is what I said. Today I am asking for your time. I want you to give your time to this work. I want your sweat, and if need be your blood, to anoint the goddess that is India, your motherland.


Satnaam Waheguru

Wahe Guru ka Khalsa – Wahe Guru Ki Fateh
Wahe Guru ka Khalsa – Wahe Guru Ki Fateh
Wahe Guru ka Khalsa – Wahe Guru Ki Fateh
Wahe Guru ka Khalsa – Wahe Guru Ki Fateh
Wahe Guru ka Khalsa – Wahe Guru Ki Fateh


ll Hari Om ll

Shree Sai Mahima

Speaking about the glories of the Shree Saisachcharit, my Sadguru Shree Aniruddhasinh (Aniruddha Bapu) says, 'The Sai Sachcharit' is not merely an account of the principles and the mission of Sainath; this work recounts the life of several bhaktas and how they attained the grace of Sainath. This work is a depiction of history. This work contains as much the life and mission of Sai bhaktas as that of Sainath and so it is for us, a means to learn to attain the grace of the Parameshwar. In the very first verse of the 'Sai Mahima' (the glories and eminence of Sai) Bapu says;
"Sainath is my Lord, Sainath is my faith;Sainath, my Master; O my Sadguru Sainath!"
When the upasana began in 1995, it was Bapu who did the upasana Himself. Later Suchitdada began to do it. The 'Sai Mahima' was part of the upasana and they were joined by all the shraddhavaan present who regularly recited it along with them.

says, Sainath is His guru who directs and guides. The 'Anhik' too includes the 'Achintyadaani Stotra' that addresses the following prayer to Sainath:
"O Sairam! I surrender to You, O ocean of grace, I surrender to You;
O Digambar! You have but compassion for the distressed; O guru who directs and guides, I surrender unto You".

Besides, 'Om Kripasindhu Shree Sainathaya Namah' and 'Om Abhayadata Shree Swamisamarthaya Namah' are the foremost and principal jap of Bapu's (Aniruddhasinh) mission and so have been part of the Thursday upasana right from the beginning. It is Sainath alone who can and who does steer to the right path, the jeeva gone astray in these times of the Kaliyug. Driven to despair, tormented by the blows dealt by life, man turns to the wrong path. Leave alone becoming worthy of the love and grace of the Parmeshvar, he finds himself in a maze; he does not know the exit and has walked too far inside! He is trapped. In these circumstances too, one step, just one step on the path of bhakti can bail him out, it can lift him out of the abyss of misery. In the Sai Mahima, Bapu goes on to tell us,
Pain, illness, worry, disease
Agony, sorrow or misery be
All wiped out clean, we are rid,
When immersed in Your name, the self dissolves.

The Shree Saisachcharit explains to us, this path of bhakti; it actually teaches us how to offer the bhakti and while doing so, enhances and strengthens our bhakti. It anchors us firmer on this path.

Bapu talks about the Saisachcharit in His Hindi discourses. The Panchasheel examination too that Bapu instituted is based on the Shreesaisachcharit and all of this He does for our sake, so that our journey on the path of bhakti be smooth and simple, so that the reflection and contemplation of the work that our study (for the exam) entails, lead us to imbibe the norms and values of the Saibhaktas in our everyday life.

I can say for sure that this forum based on the Shree Saisachcharit will go a long way in helping every shraddhavaan to understand the teachings of Sainath and to imbibe them in life. The forum will place before us, a theme, a verse, a story (incident) or a place connected with the Shree Sai Sachcharita. Every subscriber / member of the forum may express his views about these in English, Hindi and Marathi as well. The discussion will definitely unravel for us, many different aspects of this work, making it further simple to understand it and in fact enter deep into it. After all Sainath has given His word to His bhaktas, has He not?

The one who sings my glories, the praises of my principles, my mission; be it imperfect, be it deficient; I support, I stand before him and behind. In fact I am all around him, always.

Now, as I launch this forum – 'Sai, The Guiding Spirit', I say that the 'Shree Sai Mahima' written by my Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu (Aniruddhasinh), will prove great guidance and assurance to all shraddhavaan and Sai bhaktas.

Shree Sai Mahima

Sainath is my Lord
Sainath is my faith
Sainath, my Master
O my Sadguru Sainath!....1

Bhakti singular, pure from the heart
From You I ask, You alone can grant
Neither worship nor seva I know of
I am blinded, my senses numb.....2

Calm be my mind, collected in peace
May Your name dwell in it always
In surrender I offer myself at Your Feet
Grant me, forever be it....3

The blind may even see
The dumb may render the vedas
The lame too scale steep heights
What with Your grace, what cannot be? ....4

You are an ocean of grace solemn, great
And I, a dull beast, so inadequate
I shirk, I shun in bhakti the effort
Lift me, lead me, will You please?....5

In trouble I call, You nudge me to
In happiness I am charmed, You allow me not to.
Why do you play this game, why do You?
O Gururaayaa?....6

O Sainath! O Sairam!
The eternal one who is fulfilment!
O Saibaba! O Sai, my god!
Do Salvage me O please!....7

You are my Mother
Yet I so lowly, fallen
So it is, but it has happened
How at all? just how O God?....8

As is the love, the sentiment in the heart
So it perceives, the event, the moment
Your vessel safe, that is it
To keep afloat in the stormy seas....9

The burdens of life I lug along
I am tired, they weigh me down
So in Your love, I sing Your glories,
To be assured, to be at rest....10

May pitch darkness engulf me
May the deluge soar mountain high
Your grace, Your love I feel
Right there, right then I know You are....11

Pain, illness, worry, disease
Agony, sorrow or misery be
All wiped out clean, we are rid
When immersed in Your name, the self dissolves...12

The Kaliyug sees sham, so common, so usual
Heartfelt worship loses to deceitful ritual
The name of Sai ultimate, emerges
Causes what ought to be, the truth manifests....13

Any place You rush, any time at all
For the bhakta's sake, You are support, You come
This trust in my heart I hold on firm,
O Sai, as I chant Your name....14

He is Saibaba, Sairam He is
He is Saikrishna, the sole desire He is
Complete and perfect His name alone is
Sainath, O Sainath!....15

May I wish it, may I not
May Your Will be done as it ought
This alone be my prayer, please grant
This may I speak willing and forthright....16
Dharma, artha, kaam, moksha
The purushartha You watch over, for sure
Guard and protect them in me, O Master
Through all my births, every time....17

As we sow, so we will reap
The vile will always fetch us grief
But from the deed that to vile leads
We turn away, Your name is the light....18

I come to You, cleanse me O Sai,
My buddhi, and body, my word and mind
At Your door, the eight siddhis I find
No want now, I remain fulfilled....19

Sadguru Shreesainath Maharaj ki Jay!!

Bapu's (Aniruddhasinh) Write-up on 'Financial Terrorism'

My blogpost of 17th July 2012 about the book that Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) gifted me, mentioned the article 'Financial Terrorism' written by Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) for the Marathi weekly, 'Lokaprabha' (issue dated 22nd August 2003). A comment from one of my friends includes a request to make the article available. So here is the English translation of the article: 

In the Marathi folklore there is a popular rhyme (somewhat on the lines of a limerick), that urges the rain to come, on the promise of giving it money; the money proves to be virtual, and yet the rain poured heavily.

Even today, one comes across little children singing this rhyme with the same intensity that the children of yesteryear did. However, one equation in the rhyme that is difficult to figure out is, how is it that the rain gets charmed by the virtual money, money that is actually materially non-existent and gives such an abundant response? Not only that, the question that gradually grows on one’s mind is what exactly is virtual money? It is precisely this ‘reverse equation’ that has, today, become the key to the arithmetic of global finance. This realization has dawned on many social scientists and economists over the past three decades. How many of us, today, are aware of the horrifying fact that, in time to come, ‘virtual’ money will be the real money and real money will cease to exist? Here, I am not at all referring to black money and white money. The thought that has been going on in my mind is about the very existence of currency. Globalization has virtually condensed the world into a tiny village and it is in this context that the question arises as to whether poor and weak nations will be able to sustain their independent existence. Whether, at the bare minimum, they will be able to survive, has indeed become the most vexing question. Although it is high time that we addressed this issue, we find it more convenient to look the other way. This is indeed most unfortunate and can have destructive consequences in time to come. 

The entire global map underwent a significant change in the first fifty years of the twentieth century; firstly on account of the two world wars and secondly due to the rapid technological development. An inevitable consequence of the Second World War was the decline in the age old dominance of England and Germany. USA and Russia, the two new superpowers, became increasingly powerful. In the second half of the twentieth century the socialist revolution in the Soviet Union became increasingly perverted and socialism was reduced to mere tokenism. The superiority of the Soviet Union came to an end with its collapse due to the break up of the member states into independent countries. Not only that, there has been a resurgence of capitalism in China and the breakaway nations of the erstwhile USSR. Due to these aforesaid reasons, USA has become the world’s only powerful capitalist country and undisputed king. An important aspect of note is that the US has very cleverly avoided fighting any wars on its own soil. As a result, it never had to undergo the sufferings of its devastating consequences. Arms dealing and financial manipulations have made the US an increasingly powerful country. The US has basically five objectives for perpetuating its status as a global superpower:  

1. Not allowing any competitor to emerge - and towards that end, either ensuring that Europe, Japan, Brazil and India are under their financial control or contriving to keep them under the constant threat of war (India and Pakistan) by seeing to it that they are engaged in crossing swords with one another.
2.  Conspiring to divide India and China on the same lines as Russia.
3. Using the United Nations Organization to legalize its own selfish agendas.
4. Bringing all oil producing countries under its control in order to secure its own business interests.
5. The Iraqi people had to undergo untold misery on account of the economic sanctions imposed upon it. Once a prosperous country, from 1990 onwards Iraq began sliding towards the depths of poverty. Its per capita income reduced drastically from USD 3,500 to USD 400 by the year 2000. After making repeated pleas, in order to tide over the acute shortage of food grains and the resultant starvation deaths, in the year 1996, Iraq was finally granted concession of obtaining foodstuffs and food grains in exchange for sale of oil at cheaper rates. According to the estimates of United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), even before the war had commenced, more than half a million Iraqi citizens had perished due to starvation. Three hundred thousand of these comprised of children below the age of five. Saddam was cruel, but the cruelty of the US was no less; quite on the contrary, it was more frightening. 

Wars are always fought between two countries or two groups of countries. However, USA has, after the Second World War, on the backing of an all round technological advancement, used globalization for its own benefit, and in the process also conspired to ensure that no other country has it own independent financial and cultural existence. USA’s financial empire, upto this moment, has spread to every single country of the world. The bygone era of colonialism has now been replaced by USA’s new-found financial imperialism, which will reduce to tatters every individual’s self-esteem. It must be noted that the International Monetary Fund (IMF), United Nations, World Bank and World Trade Organization (WTO) are all headquartered in the US. The US stock markets are today dominating the markets of many a country. Prior to the Second World War, all financial dealings were limited to the needs of the country. International trade and the global marketplace functioned on the concept of limited cooperation. But now it appears as if the control over the flow of capital of all the countries is centred around one location. Since the year 1965, transnational companies have increasingly come in the forefront. Developing and poor countries had no choice but to accept these multinational entities; because had they not done so, who would provide capital for their businesses?
Since these companies possess enormous amounts of financial muscle, they are in a position to bring any other established business down to its knees and then acquire them. They also have the capacity to expand into new businesses and in the process achieve speedy financial consolidation.

With the new financial equations established by the US over the past five decades, and due to changes brought about by it in the area of global finance, nearly 70% of the countries of the world have increasingly fallen into the debt trap. 

In the year 1971, USA officially brought about changes in its monetary policy. The U.S. Federal Reserve brought an end to the inter-linking between its currency (dollar) and the gold held by the U.S. government. As a consequence, from then on, the production of currency came to brought about through a new ‘vicious' process called ‘Bank Loans’. This new poison weakened the currencies of all countries, who had trade relations with the US, due to which they were forced to change their monetary policies so as to bring them in sync with the stand taken by USA.

As a result, today finance is no longer equated with national wealth; the equation of finance with debt has come to stay. Nowadays, whenever a country seeks to globalize its financial arrangements, the fresh currency that is circulated is entirely through the means of bank loans. Once this arrangement comes to be accepted, from then on, the gold reserves, industrial production and national efforts, cease to be the means of generating finance. Not only that, even the deposits of customers in banks also cease to be the means of generating finance. The efforts of the workers and the production capacity merely serve to redistribute the capital ‘created’ by the banks. It is when a bank sanctions a loan and ‘credits’ the loan amount to the account of the borrower, that the real currency is generated and mind you it is out of nothing and nothing alone that this wealth is created. What does this mean? It means that before the loan was sanctioned, the loan amount was not in existence at all. It is commonly accepted that the currency is considered to be circulating in the economy only when the loan amount availed is spent by the borrower. 

Now the question that arises is regarding the repayment of the debt. When the debt is repaid out of the proceeds from the output of the borrower (?), that’s when the currency that was created at the time of creation of the borrowing, be it yen or dollars, ceases to exist. In reality the money which is used for repayment of the borrowing exists neither with the banks nor in fact anywhere at all; and certainly not in circulation. The money equivalent to the amount to be used for repayment of the debt is actually removed from circulation. What this means is that when the situation is conducive for repayment of the borrowing, people actually repay their loans and thereby reduce the amount from circulation. In such a situation it is but natural that a fiscal deficit is created and so is the share of everyone in the same proportion. This itself provides the answer to the following questions:
1. Why are workforce levels constantly required to be reduced?
2. Why are the returns always less in proportion to the work input?
In today’s financial system, there is only one alternative that has remained for making good the monetary gap - debt. As a result, in order for developing countries to become debt free, they have to, time and again, resort to borrowings. Because of the constant debt burden, there is not enough money available for circulation and when the debt is repaid the money which was temporarily in circulation is removed from the financial system. However the interest accrued on the borrowings is not made good leaving an uncompensated deficit in the system. What this implies is that today’s financial system is operating under a scenario of ‘inadequate capital’. Consequently, there is a cut-throat competition between nations for accumulating dollars. One who is the most selfish, unscrupulous and ruthless is the winner; the rest have no chance of survival. As a result, corporate spending are aimed at gaining control over the marketplace through unscrupulous means, rather than for the benefit of the customer, in terms of price and quality of goods. 
Poor and developing nations are allowed to progress by the developed nations, only to the extent that they provide the marketplace for sale of goods produced by them. USA’s policy has been to continuously exploit the poor and developing nations under the garb of providing aid and support to them.
The new monetary systems that America set up in 1971 came to be known as “Debt Dollars”. As a consequence of this new financial system, many of the state owned businesses are going into liquidation. Multinational companies of many countries are spreading their net across developing countries on a large scale and creating a monopolistic situation. This they achieve by keeping the prices of their products at abnormally low levels, against which the domestic companies are unable to compete; and once they gain a monopolistic hold on the market, they then raise the prices of the same products to abnormally high levels. Gradually the global markets are increasingly coming under the control of these multinational companies, who in turn are controlled by the American financial system. The US Government is but an agent, who is willing to go to any length to ensure that the American companies flourish and at any cost. In such a situation, the Government of any country would be at the mercy of these monopolistic companies. This, in turn, means that Governments of these countries are no longer independent. Are these countries eventually going to be suppressed under the remote control of the US?

India has, of late, opted for liberalization in the sphere of inflow of foreign and capital investments. However, in doing so, if proper attention is not paid to the framing of the right policies that give valid scope to competition in business, the multinational companies, with their monopolistic designs, will ensure that very little monetary benefit will come India’s way. This is what India should be fully aware of and guarded against. After 1983, the per capita income of the unorganized sector has been falling in comparison to that of the organized sector. Further, during the same period, the per capital income of the rural population has been increasingly falling, in comparison to that of the urban population.
With the onset of globalization, lofty claims were made as to how all countries would benefit financially and how there would be all round development. However, that does not seem to be happening. Quite on the contrary, due to globalization there has been an enormous loss both in the human resources as also natural resources. In the process of the illogical pursuit of profit by all countries, the deterioration of the environment is taking place at a dangerous pace.
Due to the depletion of the ozone layer in the atmosphere, deforestation, extinction of many species, the genetic mutation in the various species of bacteria and viruses as also global warming and changes in rainfall brought about by globalization, within a span of 100 years the population of the world will be reduced to that of a village.
Due to globalization and USA’s financial imperialism, whatever political, social and cultural rights people had come to acquire through various social movements, are now being destroyed. 

A significant impact that financial imperialism has had, not only in India but in other countries as well, is the decline in the labour movement. It is true that the labour movement in India, which was, once upon a time, running very smoothly, did assume a destructive form for some time. Thereafter, from 1980 onwards, we have got to see the pathetic sight of the weakening of all labour organizations, or rather labour organizations being rendered weak. A democratic form of government as also a democratic social setup, both are essential for the all round development of a country. However, without individual freedom democracy cannot remain unblemished and that is the ultimate truth.
It is the urgent need of today’s times to create a common man who is aware of his social and national rights and to teach him to develop his senses towards his social and national duties. This is because USA’s financial imperialism is now slowly winning over the culture of every nation and the day is not far off when every country’s culture would have been Americanized to a large extent. It must be clearly borne in mind that in the process of achieving financial progress, if the basic human values are set aside, any development arising therefrom can only have destructive consequences. 

Post the Havana conference held in April 2000, a historic incident took place. Apart from other nations of the world, opposition starting building up against globalization within America itself. However, unless we, the common people, do not very properly understand this problem, this danger will keep hovering around and keep making preparations for the destruction of the entire earth.

The original Marathi article is as under:
Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) Special Issue - Amche Bapu - (01-Jan-2012) 


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shriram dada for giving me all great things

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